Transform at SWX!

This is our ultimate package that takes your fitness to another level and educates you on everything fitness!

TRANSFORM is our ultimate package which has been designed to educate and give you the results you want. The package teaches the correct lifting techniques and the importance of nutrition and lifestyle factors, to maximise your gym experience.

We tailor the package to your goal, whether that be weight loss, general fitness or strength. In the 80 days, we want you to become gym‑sufficient and have your personal goal smashed. Our coaches give you the tools needed to guide your long‑term journey!

In 80 days our average fat loss % sits at 8-13%. If you are looking to building muscle, we average a 3-5kg muscle increase in the 80 days – let’s change you this time, for good!

This packages makes you go head to head with yourself and get into fitness for good!

This package is tailored to all abilities of the individual.

We would love to discuss all things Personal Training with you!

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